Online worship resources

This year, for Holy Week, the Circuit local preachers have prepared a series of reflections based around some characters who might have witnessed the events in the final days of Jesus life. Some reflections we have written and some we have borrowed. Some names will be familiar – others will be people we have imagined might have been there. All will have had their lives changed by seeing, hearing or knowing the man Jesus.

We invite you to share with us our reflections on how their lives were changed by Jesus and ask you to think how He may be waiting to transform your life too.

Technology has offered us many ways to keep in touch and we offer a few suggestions here of resources to help you engage with the worshipping Methodist community and wider church family as well as to support you in your walk with God.

The Methodist Church offers a wide range of resources

Our Daily Bread devotionals can be found online here

Are you struggling with isolation? These beautiful and poignant daily reflections produced by the Church of England offer hope, reassurance and comfort at a time when we need to take special care of our mental health. Click here for the link.

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If you know someone who does not have access to the internet, the Church of England has set up this free phoneline service of hymns, reflections and prayers.