Your special day

In addition to our regular weekly worship services we are pleased to offer weddings, funerals, welcome and thanksgiving services by arrangement with our ministry team.  We know these special occasions mark key moments in your lives and the lives of your families and friends. If they are special to you, then they are special to us too.


We believe that marriage is a gift of God. We are pleased to offer Christian marriage in our churches according to the rights and traditions of the Methodist church.

We understand that this is your very special day and look forward to supporting you as you make your promises to love one another before your families, friends and of course God. To make arrangements for your special day please contact our minister, Rachel.

Baby thanksgiving, baptism and dedication services

There is so much to celebrate and say thank you for when you welcome a new child into your family and life. To mark this we offer a number of options in all of our churches:

  • Thanksgiving and naming service -a chance to welcome and give thanks to God with family and friends for the gift you have been given.
  • Baptism (Christening) – Sacrament in which we give thanks before God and welcome your child into God’s family. We claim for your child the blessings that God offers to all his children and acknowledge that he is at work in us, even before we recognise him. We ask you to affirm your faith in Christ and and together we ask God to help you and any Godparents you have chosen in your Christian parenting duties. We promise to support you as part of our church family.
  • Dedication – A chance to welcome your child and give thanks to God. As part of this celebration we join with family and friends in expressing our support of you, the parents, as you promise to bring up your child in the Christian faith. We ask God to help you.

These will usually take place within one of our Sunday worship services. Please contact our minister Rachel for more information or to arrange a date for your celebration.

Funerals and memorial services

Saying goodbye to loved ones is never easy. However, as Christians we believe that death is not the end and that a new home has already been prepared for each of us. So we have hope, even in the midst of our grief, as we celebrate the lives of loved ones who are no longer with us and commit them to God’s care.

If you would like us to walk alongside you as you say your goodbyes please get in touch, or ask your funeral director to contact us. We offer services which may be conducted in our own churches or at one of the local crematoriums.

Due to the current Covid-19 regulations, funerals in our churches have been suspended. We appreciate how difficult this will be in the midst of loss and invite you to get in touch so that we can talk through other ways to say goodbye and commend your loved one into God’s hands.

Fees for occasional services

Each of the occasional services we offer is shaped around your unique situation or celebration. To make this possible we charge a set fee for the use of our buildings and /or the time of the minister and others.